Wellness Program Incentive

Wellness Incentives

Wellness Program Incentives

With ever rising health care costs, Incentive America wellness program incentives can help:

  • decrease direct healthcare costs
  • lessen non-preventative care medical claims
  • reduce indirect healthcare costs and
  • improve employee productivity

Incentive America has several solutions to promote a focus on health and wellness.

Our wellness rewards incentive points program promotes a focus on health and wellness.

Wellness Incentives

Our program can:

  • Promote participation in wellness learning
  • Promote participation in wellness activities
  • Promote healthy lifestlye changes
  • Promote preventative maintenance healthcare behavior

Wellness Rewards

Wellness Point Bank Gift Catalog Program
  • Point based wellness incentive program with custom online rewards website
  • Wellness incentive catalog with 15 levels of rewards categories with name brand merchandise
  • Incentive programs recipients select their gifts from over 1500 choices
  • Online or mailback incentive gift redemption
  • Gift mailed directly to employee's residence

On-Site Wellness Gifts

Use on-site company branded awards to distribute as wellness gifts. We produce a variety of company branded awards including mugs, umbrellas, etc. These are distributed as necessary for wellness rewards.

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