Incentive Services

Incentive Services

Program Development

We utilize research and analysis to help you determine your program needs. We meet with key managers, review past programs, survey employees, and review your company culture. Based on research and program requirements, the most effective incentive programs will be recommended and developed.

Account Management

You will work with an experienced recognition and incentive marketing professional to guide you through the entire incentive program process. We analyze your program performance and monitor its success. Your account manager can run customer reports at any time and will continually update you on your programs success.


Effective communications are critical to ensure your program's success. Participants need to have a constant reminder of the program goals. If a program is completely online, Incentive America offers complimentary program email updates that can be sent to each participant in the program.

Custom catalogs or program posters are another useful tool to either send or display throughout the workplace. Finally, logo awards are a great way to remind participants about the program. Incentive America provides personalization of your online site, presentation packages, award cards and certificates and other printed materials.

Customer Service/Fulfillment

The success of your program also depends on the ability to fulfill your program. Our fulfillment program combines our client focused efforts in customer service, fulfillment management and delivery to ensure that success.

Shipping/Delivery: We can ship in bulk to you, to multiple locations, or directly to the recipients. We can ship merchandise to either a central location or to each individual recipient. We utilize a variety of shipping partners to ensure the most cost effective and timely delivery of your merchandise.

Customer Service: Our customer service department tracks your order every step of the way. Our customer service personal are available to assist your with all aspects of your program. We handle all aspects of fulfillment including communication of delivery dates, claims tracking, shipping, and delivery notification.

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