Referral Programs

Employee Referral

Employee Referral Program

It is a well known fact that existing employees and customers are your best salespeople and recruiters in your growth plans. They are more familiar with the benefits that your company provides. The lifetime value of a customer or employee can generate significant returns to a company.

Our referral programs are ideal for customer and employee growth initiatives. Implementing an IncentiveAmerica incentive points rewards corporate referral programs can help achieve business goals.

Referral Incentive Program

Our programs can help:

  • Increase customer growth
  • Increase corporate loyalty
  • Increase employee motivation
  • Improve employee recruiting

Referral Gifts

Referral Point Bank Gift Catalog Program
  • Point based referral incentive program with custom online rewards website
  • Referral incentive catalog with 15 levels of rewards categories with name brand merchandise
  • Incentive programs recipients select their gifts from over 1500 choices
  • Online or mailback incentive gift redemption
  • Gift mailed directly to employee's residence

On-Site Referral Gifts

Use on-site company branded awards to distribute as referral gifts. We produce a variety of company branded awards including mugs, umbrellas, etc. These are distributed as necessary for referral rewards.

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