Safety Incentive Programs

Safety Incentive Programs

Safety Incentive Programs

Safety in the workplace continues to be a major objective of employers. The total cost of workplace injuries and fatalities cost American companies about $155 billion (US) every year. These costs can be cut with successful safety incentive programs. Of the surveyed companies who with a safety program:

  • 77% believed that safety incentive programs were effective
  • 55% realized a reduction in workers' compensation costs
  • 73% said absenteeism had decreased
  • 96% said safety awareness was increased
  • 84% saw a reduction in accidents
  • 70% said the programs were cost effective

Safety Reward Programs

Recognizing your top employee safety performers with safety incentives and rewards helps strengthen corporate safety initiatives. And when you make safety recognition memorable, your employees become more engaged in meeting safety objectives.

Utilizing IncentiveAmerica incentives and rewards for your safety program can assist in not only reducing the overall accident rate and its tangible costs, but also helping to solidify a safety culture in the workplace. Our safety rewards include: Points Programs, One Time Gift Programs, Instant Award Programs, (keepsakes and corporate awards) and logo awards choices.

Safety Rewards

Safety Point Bank Gift Catalog Program
  • Point based safety incentive program with custom online rewards website
  • Safety incentives catalog with 15 levels of rewards categories with name brand merchandise
  • Incentive programs recipients select their gifts from over 1500 choices
  • Online or mailback incentive gift redemption
  • Gift mailed directly to employee's residence
Safety Reward Gift Catalog Program
  • Printed gift booklet and custom online gift catalog with large gift selection for the gift of choice
  • Lifestyle gift selection, ranging from cameras, jewelry and electronics to sports and housewares
  • Online or mail-back gift redemption
  • Gift mailed directly to employee's residence
Other Safety Reward Ideas

Incentive America offers additional safety rewards (keepsakes and corporate awards), including safety pins, plaques, engraved watches, and logo awards.

On-Site Safety Rewards

Use on-site company branded awards to distribute as safety rewards. We produce a variety of company branded rewards including mugs, umbrellas, etc. These are distributed as necessary for safety rewards.

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